Turquoise and black Tourmaline necklace

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Faceted Rose Quartz pendant and rondelles with freshwater Pearls

Lemon Chrysoprase (Magnesite) moss Agate and freshwater Pearls

Faceted Amethyst pendant with rough nuggets

Vintage Japanese glass pearls and a cluster of crystals

7 Strands, freshwater Pearls and mother of pearls – blues

Bright orange 5 strand necklace

Blue glass flowers

Soft pink ceramic beads with crystals and Pearls

Red ceramic 3 strand necklace

White miracle beads – multi strand with slider

Huge freshwater Pearls with shell and Pearl pendant

Silver lined glass & jet glass with wings – necklace

Peacock blue and black glass multi strand necklace

Pink 5 strand multi-strand

Red miracle beads on black copper crochet wire

Blue multi-strand necklace

Large blue focal bead and crystals

Buddhas, dolphins and skulls + a variety of other beads

Huge pink eclectic necklace with skulls, glass and much more

It’s Christmas! Red and green eclectic necklace

Yellow and brown 3 strand necklace

Red Coral – irregular nuggets – necklace

Green and black eclectic necklace with optional MOP pendant

Red natural stones with buddhas and dichroic glass beads – eclectic

Quartz with black Tourmaline stones

Crochet acrylic red petal necklace