Items for Sale


Andaman Islands & Zanzibar driftwood in 24ct gold

Andaman Islands and Zanzibar driftwood-necklace-landscape

Turquoise and black Tourmaline necklace – NOW £35 (was £85)

Moss green pebble pendant on black rocaille netting

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Stick freshwater Pearls with handmade Hill Tribe Silver beads

Dichroic lizards with black jet glass

Faceted Rose Quartz pendant and rondelles with freshwater Pearls – Now £35 (was £75)

Genuine black Jet with black jet glass spacer beads

Vintage Japanese glass pearls and a cluster of crystals

Smooth, Burmese Jade nuggets with recycled glass from Ghana – NOW £45 (was £85)

7 Strands, freshwater Pearls and mother of pearls – blues – £35 (was £95) SOLD

Handmade air dried clay tubes & hand painted necklace

Rose Quartz nuggets with natural purple freshwater Pearls

Brass bananas and carabao horn rondelles

Bright orange 5 strand necklace – £25 (was £55)

Lilac handmade glass and hammered tubes

Soft pink ceramic beads with crystals and Pearls – (was £45) NOW £20

Red ceramic 3 strand necklace – (was £45) NOW £20

White miracle beads – multi strand with slider – £20 (was £45)

Kiku seed beads with small electroplated Rock crystal beads

Huge freshwater Pearls with shell and Pearl pendant

Shock absorbers (!) with blue glass pearls

Pink 5 strand multi-strand – (was £55) NOW £25

Large, chain-like, necklace made from bead caps

Red miracle beads on black copper crochet wire

Purple and gold piano necklace

Large blue focal bead and crystals

Faceted Kyanite and electroplated Agate

Buddhas, dolphins and skulls + a variety of other beads – (was £65) NOW £35

Red piano with red Coral

Large black peacock freshwater Pearls with large Indian barrel beads, 3 strand

Huge pink eclectic necklace with skulls, glass and much more – (was £95) NOW £45

Blues and browns 3 strand necklace

Huge, multi-coloured eclectic with silver-lined glass and silver beads

Electroplated Rock Crystal slabs with freshwater Pearls – (was £85) NOW £35

Hand carved wooden elephants with freshwater Pearls

Smoky Quartz with large gold Coral pendant

Red Coral – irregular nuggets – necklace

Green and black eclectic necklace with optional MOP pendant

Matt black Onyx, freshwater Pearls with large fossil pendant

Red natural stones with buddhas and dichroic glass beads – eclectic

Lots and lots of sparkly crystals

Stunning, natural Amber necklace

Pink Moonstone with freshwater Pearls necklace

Blue, antique Agate necklace

Small ceramic cherub with gold crosses – eclectic necklace

Piano key earrings with Buddha head

Crochet acrylic red petal necklace

Red polka dot ‘flying’ tea pot necklace

Huge electroplated Agate stones with wedding cake lamp work beads

Ebony piano keys and black Tourmaline nuggets

Pear shaped red Coral beads, 2 strand necklace

Amazonite bracelets – 6mm stone with charm or bead

Deep purple velvet – electroplated Rock Crystal – 2 strand necklace

Blue crystals with gold-leaf glass bead

Blue sea glass nuggets with gold-leaf glass beads

Graduated crystals with freshwater Pearls

Soft green and pink Rock Crystal points

Turquoise Howlite donut bead necklace £55

Eclectic necklace with leaves in blues and purples £75

Dentist necklace with Japanese glass pearls £225

Stunning Buddha pendant from Sukhothai, Thailand £195

Burmese knife-glue pendant with world collections £250

Cats eye flower necklace £35

Red crystal multi-strand necklace £55

Variety of cats eye beads with large ‘peanut’ silver plated beads £35

Orange multi-strand Pearl twist necklace £125

Silver plated bead caps with large glass focal bead £65

Colourful mother of pearl beads with 2 focal tubes necklace £45

Electroplated Lava beads with millefiori glass £35

Fossil Agate graduated slabs £85

Amazing luster ivory freshwater stick Pearls £125

Sea bamboo Coral with crystals £35

Genuine Ruby chip stones with Sterling Silver spacer beads £55

Frosted Jasper coin stones £65

Amazing, large, rough Labradorite slabs. Stunning blue flashes £165

Elephant ‘dung’ earrings £15

Pale Amethyst earrings £10

Purple crystal and freshwater Pearl earrings £7.50

Purple crystal earrings £7.50

Citrine twist necklace with copper rimmed glass beads £95

Sparkling smoky grey crystals with freshwater Pearls £75

Large multi-coloured freshwater Pearls with peacock green stick Pearls necklace £95

Black, rough Tourmaline slab with Labradorite, black Onyx and pyrite necklace £45

Electropated Agate – deep purple – with large red glass beads £95

Lapis Lazuli earrings £10

Tanzanite with 925 Sterling Silver fittings earrings £30

Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite stones necklace £75

Hand crochet Sterling Silver wire with Aquamarine stones £150

Silver natural Rock Crystal £85

Bright impression Jasper £65

Purple peacock natural Crystal £65

Black and orange fire Agate with Quartz £65

Smooth natural Rock Crystal multi strand £95

Intricate tubes, opaque white crystals and electroplated lava beads £85

Electroplated Rock Crystal rough stones £85

Intricate tubes and electroplated lava beads £45

Marble from Romblon, Philippines, flip-flop earrings £15

Intricate tubes with electroplated lava beads – earrings £15

Large smoky Quartz with sea bamboo necklace – NOW £35 (was £75)

Silver lined black glass, faceted black jet glass and wings necklace – £25

Rock Crystal, mother of pearl and freshwater Pearls, multi-strand – £95

Carnelian rocks with 5 eye Buddha seeds, necklace – NOW £35 (was £95)

Carabao horn rondelles with African horn beads, necklace – £55

Amethyst pendant and rough Amethyst nuggets necklace with chain – NOW £35 (was £75)

Bright red glass with silver foil detail, necklace with chain – £45

Multi strand of various freshwater Pearls with crystals – NOW £45 (was £125)

Wood turquoise beads with crystals and old Spanish coins – £45

Large freshwater Pearls with crystals – £65

Huge freshwater Pearls with mother of pearl drops – NOW £35 (was £85)

UK handmade glass beads with freshwater Pearls and clay beads from Crete – £85

Smooth and rough natural Tiger Eye stones – NOW £40 (was £95)

Fuchsia pink Agate with black jet glass – NOW £15 (was £35)

Matt black natural stone with black jet glass and freshwater Pearls – NOW £35 (was £95)

Black jet faceted glass, 3 strand – NOW £25 (was £65)

Black and white Agate with black jet glass – NOW £15 (was 35)