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Stones and their colours have been my passion for as long as I can remember, the more unusual the stone the better. I love creating designs from delicate feminine to huge, sometimes over the top, jewellery but always something that will stand out, be it the design or the actual stones themselves.

In the early Eighties I worked as a volunteer in India and Nepal for a couple of years. The people I worked with were either stranded or ill Western travellers or others that had decided to kick a very bad habit. Since these people had a lot of time on their hands while in our house, I set up an arts and crafts department to keep them busy. The jewellery making started there with very simple designs. India and Nepal are fantastic, colourful places and have an abundance of beautiful materials to work with. Since then I have travelled extensively in South East Asia and other places always on the look out for something special.

Glamunique was born out of the idea to create glamorous and unique jewellery designs with top quality materials. Jewellery that will give you the ‘WOW’ factor when you walk into a room. I only create one-off designs so the jewellery of your choice will be totally unique to you.

Many designs are made from semi-precious stones, however I also use materials like driftwood, glass, metal, etc.. basically anything that inspires me. All the materials I use are either from suppliers that have an excellent reputation or that I have sourced during my frequent travels all over the world.

You are very welcome to come and visit my studio, please get in touch for a time and date.



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