Designs that found a home


Pyrite nuggets & ‘blood red’ crystals

Pumtek beads & recycled vinyl

Multi colour mother of pearl and silver focal bead

Andaman Islands eclectic necklace


Purple ceramic & large heart necklace

Large Turquoise slabs & black jet glass

Large Turquoise slabs and French jet glass necklace

Green Turquoise with Tektit nuggets

Tektit nuggets

Large freshwater Pearls with Pearl shell pendant

Moroccan green natural stone with large silver spacers

Antique ‘Shan’ Burmese pipe necklace

Red and black multi strand necklace with red heart pendant

Blue freshwater stick Pearl necklace

Blue freshwater stick Pearl necklace

Ametrine nuggets and irregular freshwater Pearls

Red Carnival necklace

Silver plated Hematite with champagne crystals, Cleopatra necklace

Silver plated liquid silver with dolphin clasp – multi strand

Lilac glass drops and crystal eclectic necklace

Turquoise mother of pearl multistrand with large silver plated heart

Blood red crystals and Lava cubes

Pink Peruvian Opal nuggets with Pyrite pendant

Glass & crystal multistrand necklace – greens

Purple Agate Quartz beads with crystal spacers

Pyrite arrow head pendant with hammered tube beads

Pink Peruvian Opal nuggets with large Czech crystals and freshwater Pearls

Oil Jade flower pendant necklace

Multi colour Lava necklace

Purple mother of pearl & black glass multistrand

Yellow petal chrochet with black glass beads

Brown pebble pendant with golden brown necklace

Black and white pebble pendant on blue cord

Pink mother of pearl, Kyanite, Rose Quartz, Pink Peruvian Opal crochet

Red Coral, Philippine hard wood, blood red crystals multi strand

Eclectic with freshwater Pearls and decorated sp ‘boules’

Hematite coloured beadcaps and large silver ball

Blue fimo rose necklace

Multi coloured mother of pearl, multi strand necklace

Silverlined glass beads, in lime and purple – necklace

Blue/lilac and Pink glass pearl – 3 strand necklace

Antique turquoise beads, with natural, floating stones

Oranges – multistrand with frog and colourful hearts

5 strand white and natural purple freswater Pearls

White freshwater Pearl nuggets – 5 strand with black/silver faceted glass pendant

Gorgeous, rough Jade nuggets with matt black Onyx spacers

Pink glass pearls with purple faceted crystals

Pink mother of pearl leaves with freshwater Pearls and crystals

Pink & green mother of pearl leaves with freshwater Pearls

Silver freshwater Pearls on intricate branches

Greens, summer colours multi strand necklace

Pale blue silverlined glass and elephant spacer beads

Deep blue silver lined glass with elephant spacer beads

Higgledy summer colour multistrand necklace

Pink Agate, various mother of pearl multi strand

Millefiore AB with snowflake spacer beads

Soft pink mother of pearl buttons and leaves with freshwater Pearls

Hot pink mother of pearl buttons and nuggets

Olive green silver lined glass necklace

White crystal AB 2 strand necklace

Large pink freshwater Pearls with pink crystal shamballa beads

Pink silverlined round glass beads with bows and freshwater Pearls

Pale blue silver lined glass beads and wings

White freshwater Pearl nugget 6 strand twist necklace

Peach Aventurine, dragonskin Agate, Pearls and crystals

Pink silver lined glass with lilac/blue crystals

Lemon Chrysoprase (Magnesite) moss Agate and freshwater Pearls

White multistrand with a variety of beads

Soft blue Chrysoprase with jet glass necklace

Genuine black Jet with black jet glass spacer beads

Large Quartz nuggets with freshwater Pearls

Genuine black Jet with red, dichroic glass necklace

Kyanite, Tiger eye and Agate eggs

Fluorite nuggets with freshwater Pearls

Smooth, Burmese Jade nuggets with recycled glass from Ghana – NOW £45 (was £85)

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5 eye Buddha seed beads with large recycled glass from Ghana

7 Strands, freshwater Pearls and mother of pearls – blues – £35 (was £95) SOLD

Lavender – lilac – white freshwater Pearls multi strand

Gold plated beadcap with lilac and gold leaf glass bead

Deep red stone multistrand necklace

Colourful, polished, mother of pearl multistrand

Purple mother of pearl and colourful glass multi-strand

Romblon marble eggs with large freshwater Pearls

Red peppers

Vintage, flower, mother of pearl necklace

Electroplated Rock Crystals spears with freshwater Pearls

Turquoise rondelles with antique Moroccan spacer beads

Quality Indian glass beads, 3 strand necklace

Electroplated Rock Crystal with sea shell pearls

Lilac handmade glass and hammered tubes £85 NOW £40

Peacock black freshwater Pearls, multi-strand

Pink electroplated Rock Crystal

Blue sea shell pearls with large white freshwater Pearls

Blue and black glass multistrand

Electroplated Rock Crystal – 3 strand – amber brown

Pink electroplated Rock Crystal with freshwater Pearls

Kiku seed beads with small electroplated Rock crystal beads

Colourful dyed Howlite 3 strand necklace

Ammonite fossil pendant with electroplated Rock Crystal

Blue faceted crystal and round jet glass necklace

Peacock blue and black glass multi strand necklace

Purples, blue and green necklace

Faceted Coral 3 strand necklace

Soft pink acrylic nugget 3 strand necklace

Laos dolls eclectic necklace

Red miracle beads on black copper crochet wire £50 NOW £35

Soft Amazonite stones with freshwater Pearls

Turtles and pink mother of pearl multi-strand

Red Turquoise, freshwater Pearls and Buddhas

Olive green, silver-lined glass, 3 strand necklace

Large smooth, Amazonite stones

Turquoise Magnesite, electroplated Agate and freshwater Pearls

Faceted Kyanite and electroplated Agate

Electroplated Rock Crystal spears with freshwater Pearls

Aqua blue electro-plated Agate nuggets with BIG freshwater Pearls

Black and white piano necklace with freshwater Pearls

Stunning silver lined pink glass necklace

White and soft pink eclectic necklace

It’s Christmas! Red and green eclectic necklace

Pink skulls, large pink pumpkin beads and leather barbed wire

Yellow and brown 3 strand necklace

Colourful elephant eclectic necklace with greens

Large colourful skulls and huge fish bone beads

Gorgeous, man-made Moonstone round beads – 3 strand necklace

Blues eclectic necklace with trumpets, microphones and goblets

Matt black Onyx, freshwater Pearls with large fossil pendant

Garden gnomes necklace

Lots and lots of sparkly crystals

Large, peach freshwater Pearls with moss green-grey mother of pearl beads

Blue, antique Agate necklace

Pink Opal squares with stick freshwater Pearls

Quartz with black Tourmaline stones

Gorgeous, rough Chrysocolla slabs with Buddha heads

Huge electroplated Agate stones with wedding cake lamp work beads £95 NOW £45

Lavender Amethyst with freshwater stick Pearls

Graduated AB Crystals – blue tone

Black Picasso Jasper

Birds and ladybirds

Pink electroplated Rock Crystal points

Graduated AB crystal – green tone

Acrylic tubes with Agate Druzy beads

Australian Chrysoprase, rough, natural stones

Black Onyx coin beads with glass ammonite beads £65

Multi coloured mother of pearl necklace £55

Colourful elephants with ab crystals £45

Tibetan prayer wheels with red Coral

Cats eye flower necklace £35 NOW £20

Red Howlite spike necklace

Stunning rough Kyanite shards

Variety of cats eye beads with large ‘peanut’ silver plated beads £35

Blood red crystal, 3 strand bracelet £20

Silver plated bead caps with large glass focal bead £65 NOW £55

Black Tourmaline and silvery blue Kyanite rough stones £85

Blue freshwater stick Pearls with crystals necklace £65

Purple Hematite necklace £45

Electroplated Lava beads with millefiori glass £35

Millefiori glass oval beads £25

Electroplated Agate, stick Pearls and frosted Agate multi-strand £125

Sea bamboo Coral with crystals £35

Coloured Agate cubes with large freshwater Pearls £85

Old celebration English coins £55

Amazing, large, rough Labradorite slabs. Stunning blue flashes £165

Peridot earrings £10

Pale Amethyst earrings £10

Sparkling smoky grey crystals with freshwater Pearls £75

Large multi-coloured freshwater Pearls with peacock green stick Pearls necklace £95

Bright coloured mother of pearl squares with purple crystals £55

Black, rough Tourmaline slab with Labradorite, black Onyx and pyrite necklace £45

Stering Silver leaf earrings £25

925 Sterling Silver coated Rockcrystal nugget on 18″ snake chain £35

925 Sterling Silver coated Rock Crystal earrings £25

Pink Sapphires from Sri Lanka with 925 Sterling Silver fittings earrings £30

Lapis Lazuli earrings £10

Lapis Lazuli with Pyrite stones necklace £75 NOW £55

Hand chrochet Sterling Silver wire with Moonstone stones necklace

Hand crochet Sterling Silver wire with Aquamarine stones £150

Bright impression Jasper £65

Purple peacock natural Crystal £65

Smooth natural Rock Crystal multi strand £95

Intricate tubes and electroplated lava beads £45

Marble from Romblon, Philippines, flip-flop earrings £15

Intricate tubes with electroplated lava beads – earrings £15

Large smoky Quartz with sea bamboo necklace – NOW £30 (was £75)

Bright red glass with silver foil detail, necklace with chain – £45 NOW £25

Wood turquoise beads with crystals and old Spanish coins – £45

Snaky bead cap necklace , black and bronze – £55

Snaky bead cap – bronze – knot – £55

Rough Kyanite and Labradorite stone necklace – £95

Red snakes and miracle beads – £45

Silver lined glass with large flower spacers – £25

Pink multi-strand with freshwater Pearls, mother of pearl and glass – 5 strands – £45

A beautiful variety of natural semi-precious stones – long necklace – £95

Fish vertebrae beads with freshwater Pearls – £55

Blue miracle bead multi-strand necklace – £45 NOW £25

Rough black Tourmaline slabs with Lava bead spacers – £55

Rose quartz rock with mother of pearl – £125

Labradorite with black Tourmaline and Hematite spacer beads – £55

Variety of large semi-precious stones – £45 NOW £35

Handmade Hill Tribe silver square with a small pink Sapphire on an 18″ STS snake chain – £45

Dried seed pods painted in Majorel blue, earrings – £15.00

Bunch of various crystals, earrings – £15.00

Three Shiva face earrings – £15.00

Large silver-plated tubes with black Jet focal – £55

Purple tone crystals with lilac Swarovski crystals – £25

Turquoise Howlite tree of life pendant – Sold