Burmese knife-glue pendant with world collections £250 NOW £225

Burmese knife-glue pendant with world collections

A couple of years ago we did a trek to a Burmese tribe village, no electricity, a well for showering and the most amazing people in a little village with all their priorities exactly where they should be. This pendant is made from a natural tree sap, used for gluing a blade to a knife. These round glue circles were hanging from a beam in order to dry them.

This pendant is one of those natural sap glue circles. I’ve attached soft leather at the back to strengthen the pendant. On the pendant I’ve added a selection of treasures found over many years. Shiva eyes from India (1984), sea urchins given to me by a good friend in 1995, rubble from Anchor Watt (Cambodia), sea glass from Biaritz, driftwood from the Andaman Islands and hand pounded temple leaf gold from Mandalay, Burma. I have used large, fabulous luster freshwater Pearls to complete the necklace, keeping it simple as the actual pendant speaks for itself.

Price £250 NOW £225