How to find my new studio

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My new studio is in the Chocolate Factory 2, just around the corner from Chocolate Factory 1.

The address is:

4 Coburg Road

London N22 6UJ

The move has taken quite a lot of time, much longer than I had expected, but, I am now all set up and am starting to love my new studio space – it has the most spectacular view of Alexandra Palace!

The quickest way to get to Chocolate Factory 2 is from Wood Green tube station (Piccadilly line). Alexandra Palace station is pretty convenient and close too.

I have taken some photos of what you will see when you get to Coburg Road and the door panel you’ll find at the entrance of Chocolate Factory 2.

I am on the 3rd floor and at the entrance you can press nr 31 and then the bell button and I’ll get a call on my mobile to let you in. It is either a walk up 3 flights of stairs or I’ll come and collect with a fantastic lift from the ground floor. Remind me to tell you about George and Molly,  George gave this lift to Molly in 1956 and there is proof on the wall for you to see once you are in the lift.

If you have any questions please get in touch.

Looking forward to seeing you from the 5th of September!

Harma xxx