Philippines adventure


James Bruce photo

Photo by James Bruce – the Wanderlion

March 2015

Just returned from a wonderful 5 week trip in the Philippines. The highlight was without a doubt the island of Palawan, still a very basic unspoiled area. In certain areas electricity was provided from 6pm to 12 midnight and even during that time plenty of power cuts. So totally idyllic and no distractions while soaking up the sun and taking in the beauty of it all. The local people are  poor but some of the most generous and lovely people ever.

During the stay in Palawan I found plenty of gorgeous materials, plenty of coconut driftwood as well.

After Palawan, Mindoro was next. Another gorgeous island. At the top of Mindoro at Puerta Galera I found the most stunning unusual  beach pebbles.

Then it was onto Manila where I spend a day in a street completely dedicated to jewellery… Well, this street was a different type of paradise!

Below you can see a few photos of it all.








Visit to the Pearl farm

Visit to the Pearl farm



Oyster shell

Oyster shell


Manila bead street

Manila bead street